Is it really possible to attract and meet your soulmate?

Almost everyone dreams of being in a happy relationship. But is it really possible to meet your soulmate? And what exactly constitutes a SOULMATE? How will you know?

Twenty years ago, most people had never even heard of the soulmate concept. Now this word has been so overused that the original meaning has fallen by the wayside, but understanding it goes a long way towards explaining the relationship challenges many couples experience. The actual concept of a TWIN FLAME/ SOULMATE is that the original soul was created as a whole, with the male and female as one. The soul then split to experience in duality. Since then there has been the experience of being separated, and the longing to reconnect with ones other half. The general consensus, UNTIL NOW, has been that this is almost always impossible!

Why now? What has changed?

It is widely known that humanity is on the brink of a quantum change. This is the change in consciousness known as “the shift”, when we leave third dimensional consciousness and move into the fifth. This change is actually happening NOW, not suddenly on Dec. 21st, 2012. We are all a work in progress, continuing our spiritual evolution as we move toward “the future”. There is no need to “wait” for something to happen!

However, there is no question that as we move forward in awareness, it is becoming easier to manifest whatever we want here and now. This is because our consciousness has expanded to accept that we can! There used to be an old axiom, “I will believe it when I see it.” More and more, we understand that this statement in reverse is just as valid. “I will see it when I believe it.” Isn’t that a lot more empowering? The realization that we now have, indeed have always had this ability, changes everything, from manifesting the life of our dreams to meeting the ideal partner!

With the advent of the shift, MANY SOULMATES ARE NOW RECONNECTING. Our past relationships were founded (for the most part) in third dimensional consciousness, which is the consciousness of separateness and duality. This is why so many of our old partnerships seemed to exist only in their struggle to stay intact! The constant bickering, arguments, stress and separations that are the hallmark of these relationships serve to illustrate this point.

How can you know what sort of relationship you are in?

If your current relationship is or was based primarily on sexual attraction and personality, it is a third dimensional relationship, not a soulmate relationship. If you are staying with your current partner because of financial need or entanglements, it is a third dimensional relationship. This type of relationship is based on the concept of another person “making you whole” in some way, shape or form. In these relationships we always find the struggle as the couple seeks fulfillment from each other, has to constantly negotiate and compromise, yet still ends up complaining and unsatisfied with the actions of their partner.

These dualistic relationships have their time and place. We enter these challenging relationships for many reasons, not the least of which is karma. These relationships serve as a spiritual growth vehicle for couples, usually until one “half’ of the couple realizes they can no longer grow in the desired way.

Many have and are now walking away from these old relationships when they “awaken” or realize that the relationship will not allow their spiritual growth path to unfold. After becoming disentangled they then experience the desire to find everything the old relationship was not, e.g. their SOULMATE!

But how do you find this elusive soulmate?

With the now huge market of singles hoping to meet “THE ONE”, the online dating site debacle was born. And with it much ensuing confusion!

Dating sites, matchmaker shows, dating sites disguised as soulmate sites, relationship coaches, love psychics, and still more dating sites! Vast numbers of people are now struggling within the dating site trap, in a somewhat desperate search to find their soulmate! These sites would have you fill out “personality” forms. My Personality vs. Your Personality! And are “we” compatible with “each other?” Is this not a recipe for duality? Understanding this changes everything, doesn’t it?

You do not need to search for your soulmate!

If you are searching you may find yourself not finding, and understandably becoming discouraged from this illusionary treasure hunt. This type of desperate “dating” search is unfulfilling, frustrating, time consuming, and for many ends up in depression and near despair. Of course, there are couples that “meet” online, and I am not saying that it would never be possible to meet a soulmate in this way.

However…if you find yourself trying this method and feeling frustrated, that may be a sign from your higher self to try another way. SPIRIT WILL NOT ASK YOU TO DO ANYTHING UNREASONABLE IN ORDER TO MEET YOUR SOULMATE! If it doesn’t seem reasonable to you to have to meet dozens of strangers online, then I am here to tell you that there is a more “organic” way to have the meeting occur!

If you really, truly want to meet your soulmate, this is now possible.

THE SOULMATE TECHNIQUE is an extremely simple series of three basic steps that anyone can do. I know this because I was shown this by spirit in the spring of 2000, after leaving a ten year third dimensional relationship. It is real, it works, and my husband Michael and I are the living proof!

I have seen other sites that encourage you to buy sets of CDs, books, and make it seem like a full-time mission, where you practically have to graduate their course to find your soulmate! I think we all can agree how ridiculous that seems! We all have busy lives and other responsibilities, most people do not want to spend hours and hours listening to a half dozen CDs trying to “teach” you how to meet the one! If it seems like a big hassle, it’s usually because it’s a big hassle, right? And would SPIRIT really expect this of anyone? REALLY? SHOULD MEETING YOUR SOULMATE BE A BIG TIME CONSUMING ORDEAL? I think not.

Meeting your Soulmate is in actuality, an incredibly simple and beautiful process.

When I met my husband Michael, I was already a single mother of four children. Do you think for a minute that I was about to go out “looking” for love? Any single mother of even one child understands this! I wasn’t about to go out to clubs, leaving my children at home! SHOULD A SINGLE MOTHER HAVE TO PAY A BABYSITTER TO GO LOOK FOR A SOULMATE? Seriously? Remember, spirit does not require souls to do anything unreasonable (dangerous, expensive, ridiculous and demeaning), in order to meet!

I also realized that those I might meet there (men drinking in bars, right?) would quite possibly be far more trouble than not, and I couldn’t afford to allow risky people in my life! Online dating seemed sketchy at best, and again a huge time investment and basically inviting maybe “not so good” people into my life!

The REAL TRUTH was, I was actually FINE by myself! I was perfectly okay. I had my four beautiful children, a house in Laguna Beach, California, and my own new (and growing fast) business as a psychic reader. I was a busy woman.

But still I was only human! The end of my ten year relationship was a saddening experience. I had really wanted my then partner to “evolve” with me, at my rate, (as I “thought” he should) and stay in resonance with me so that my beautiful family could stay intact! One thing I have had to learn is that we can not evolve FOR ANYONE ELSE, they evolve at their own pace in their own time. Now of course, in retrospect, I see that not a whole lot has changed for that past partner, and had we stayed together, our negative patterns, (which I played a role in), would have continued.

My work as a psychic reader showed me something I probably already would have guessed, namely, that nearly everyone who called me was struggling terribly with dysfunctional relationships, just as I had been! And every single one of them wanted the same thing!

The desire and need for LOVE is universal. It doesn’t matter the race, religion, economic status, we all want and need to feel LOVED AND VALUED. Third dimensional relationships, the kind that I mentioned earlier, that are stuck in duality, by nature disappoint and devalue us.

In duality we find ourselves always trying to “cope” with the actions of a partner. There always seems to be the need to “talk” to “straighten things out”, (make the other person see things our way or change their behavior!) Of course, these relationships always involve some sort of co-dependency in one way shape or form. It doesn’t even need to be substance abuse, domestic abuse, or verbal abuse, it can just be the emotional co-dependency that goes with the territory!

I am not suggesting that anyone should leave their partner. Spirit will never try to control you and neither will I. We stay in third dimensional co-dependent relationships as long as we need to. (I certainly did!) But if you are reading this, perhaps the time has come where you have outgrown the need for this type of relationship.

If you are uncertain, I should probably say at this point that a lot of people call me for a reading just to get clarity on their current situation. If you are unsure how to proceed, a reading is a good place to start.

It is immediate, simple and easy and your LOVE LIFE is certainly worth it! If you are going to spend a year or two being with a person, don’t you at least owe it TO YOURSELF to spend an hour exploring whether or not there is a way to IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP?

Sometimes just a slight shift in consciousness can make a huge difference!

All my readings are now channeled from spirit. What this means is that the readings are not from my personality, or a deck of tarot cards! While I have tarot cards (and know how to use them!) I now do all my readings directly from spirit, unless requested otherwise by the client. Not surprisingly, it is actually easier, purer and clearer this way.

Doing relationship readings is my first love, which I began in January of 1999. I love my work and the feeling I get from being in service to others! There is nothing ever anything scary or foreboding about my readings! The whole point of a reading is to show options, and look at how possible choices may turn out, so that one receives clarity and can move forward with confidence.


If you FEEL THAT THE TIME IS NOW to do the SOULMATE METHOD that enables you and your soulmate to connect immediately, call me at the same number, 1-310-396-4959. If you like you can leave a message saying which you are interested in, but if you are not sure which would be best that is okay, I will either answer live or call you right back.

Blessings, Love and Light,

Shannon Rose



Please keep in mind that my number is not one of those psychic hotlines! I am a real person, so if I am on the other line with another caller, you will get my voice mail. No one but me ever answers my phone, so don’t be afraid to leave a message. I absolutely return all calls as soon as I become available.